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By logging into webINR, each patient-user entering this web site acknowledges that the permission to view or use the interactive functions of the site is a privilege granted by his or her medical practice. For those patients performing home INR (International Normalized Ratio) testing, limited decision support is provided to patient-users to enhance warfarin dosing and monitoring therapy. Patients entering INR data acknowledge that diet, drug interactions, illness, planned surgery, etc., are not tracked by webINR and must be considered when receiving decision support for managing INR values. Each patient-user agrees that they have received training and understand the web site functions, and, that their personal medical practice is a resource to clarify or dismiss any recommendations provided by webINR. The patient-user agrees to hold harmless Abington Memorial Hospital regarding any clinical events based on the patient-user or patient-user with the clinician's final decision regarding warfarin dosing.
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